Academic Records

Academic Records – Copy Request

During our evaluation of your application, we may need to review a copy of your academic records and an official translation of any documents not in English. Please be prepared to send these items if requested.

Submission of Official Academic Records

If you are admitted to UC Merced, you will be required to verify the academic information you listed on your application with your official academic records. We will require you to submit academic records from all institutions attended, beginning with the ninth grade. Please check our country listing of secondary school credentials/diplomas.

An academic record is considered official when it is mailed to our campus in a sealed envelope by the issuing institution or examination authority. Opened original records are generally not considered official. Records sealed or attested by notaries or other organizations other than the issuing institution are not considered official.

Academic records must include all subjects and final course or examination marks (if applicable). Secondary school records must show graduation at a level acceptable for university entrance. College and university records must also include numbers of hours per week devoted to lecture and laboratory. 

Secondary School Credentials/Diplomas

Applicants who take external examinations in secondary school, (such as GCE Advanced Level, HKCEE, GCSE, ICSE, ISC, AISSC or Matriculation Examinations), should list the mark earned in the examination on the application rather than the mark assigned by the teacher at the end of the course.

Secondary Credentials/Diploma



British School Systems

 GCE A-Level Exams

China, (People’s Republic of)

 Senior High School Graduation/Certificate




 Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate or Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Exam (EHEEE)




 Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE)

Hong Kong

 Hong Kong Advanced Level Exams (HKALE)


 All India Senior School Certificate


 Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate


 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)


 Senior High School Diploma (Inmungye Kodung Hakkyo)


 Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran/Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)


 Certificado de Bachillerato


 Senior School Certificate (SSC) from WAEC


 Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC),Intermediate Certificate


 Certificado de Educación Secondaria


 High School Diploma

Saudi Arabia

 General Secondary Education Certificate


 GCE A-Level Exams

South Africa

 Senior Certificate with Matriculation Endorsement / Exemption

Taiwan (Republic of China)

 Senior High School Diploma

United Arab Emirates

 Secondary School Leaving Certificate