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Division of Student Affairs

Admissions Webinars

The Office of Admissions hosts a variety of informative online webinars where you can hear from students, faculty and staff to learn more about UC Merced. 

Can't make it to the webinar you're interested in? All of the live sessions will be recorded and available 3-5 days after the event. If you need assistance accessing our online events, review this information

UC Merced Campus


2022 Upcoming Webinars


Our events are currently in development. Check back often for information and register!

In the meantime - you can review some of our previous recordings listed below.



2021 Past Webinars - Recordings Available For Replay

Intended Audience:
Incoming Students - Fall 2021

View Recording


MyBill Support

This workshop will teach you how to navigate and understand My Bill in time for the fee payment deadline on Aug. 18. Student Business Services (SBS) will discuss topics related to your student account, such as the Deferred Payment Plan, Parent PIN, and Statement of Financial Responsibility. 



Intended Audience:
Incoming Students - Fall 2021


Over 40 Replays Available Here


Become a Bobcat - A Virtual Series

Spring 2021

Join us virtually in over 40 live events to learn more about UC Merced. You and your family can explore and attend events designed for you on our academics, experiential learning and research opportunities, student support, and much more. You will also hear from our school Deans, world-class faculty, supportive staff, and panel discussions with current UC Merced students.

We welcome all visitors to our sessions, near or far, to see why we are ranked No. 1 among public universities in outperforming expected graduation rates and No. 5 among all universities in supporting social mobility. If you'd like to learn more about UC Merced's continuing meteoric rise in rankings and performance, please click here.



Intended Audience:

High School and Community College Educators


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Virtual Educator Tour Presentation: Student Success at UC Merced

Spring 2021

The mission of the Calvin E. Bright Success Center is to provide learning support, transition programs, and individualized interventions which empower UC Merced students to be successful in their academic and personal development. They provide opportunities and co-curricular experiences that aid students in enhancing their knowledge of university resources, academic and personal growth/ development, and advocacy and access. Through intentional collaborations and program delivery, we focus on overcoming barriers and celebrating academic milestones. Come find out more about how we support our students for their success at UC Merced.



Intended Audience:

High School and Community College Educators


View Recording


Virtual Educator Tour Presentation: Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROC)

Spring 2021

UROC opportunities allow students to apply academic knowledge in real-world settings. Research experiences outside the classroom expand their perspectives on practical issues, enrich their values, help them explore career paths, connect them with the campus and community, and more. The real-world skills gained through these experiences assist in career development and personal growth. Come find out more about how we help engage undergraduate students with the research being conducted at UC Merced.



Intended Audience

Prospective, applicants, admitted students


View Recording


UC Merced: Empowerment Through the Black Student Experience

Spring 2021

Prospective students will be able to hear from current students about their experiences at UC Merced. This panel covers areas related to academic majors, living in the Living and Learning Community, student life, research and student support services.




How to Join the Webinar


1. When you register for a webinar, you will receive an email confirmation with a link. Clicking on the link will allow you to join the webinar via Zoom. If this is your first time participating in a webinar, we encourage you to visit the webinar link early and ensure your equipment is set up to properly view the event. 

Other Ways to Prepare for the Webinar:

  1. Test your connection to Zoom:  Join a test meeting
  2. Watch this tutorial on how to join a Zoom meeting:

Troubleshooting FAQs

1. When I click on the Zoom link in the email, nothing happens

Student using laptop

If clicking the link does not open the webinar, you can download Zoom Client for Meetings and follow these steps:

  1. Install the application. 
  2. Open the Zoom Client and click Join a Meeting.
  3. Locate the 9-digit meeting ID/webinar ID from your registration email. It will be in the join link just after
  4. In the Meeting ID / Personal ID / Personal Link field, enter the 9-digit webinar ID, and click Join.
  5. Enter your name and email address if requested. Click Join Webinar. This should take you into the webinar if the webinar is in session.

2. I cannot hear audio for the webinar

In order to hear the audio for the webinar, you will need either speakers or headphones for your device. See the Zoom Help Center page about audio for assistance. 

2. Is my computer ready?

If you have already participated in one of our webinars using Zoom, your computer should already be setup. You can test you connection to Zoom ahead of the meeting by joining a test meeting.

3. How do I connect to the webinar when I am ready to attend?

When you signed up for the webinar you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain the URL for the webinar. Please click on that URL or copy-and-paste it into your web browser's address bar. 

We suggest trying to access the URL several minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin (all webinars will be available 30 minutes before the start time).

4. What if my internet connection to the meeting is broken?

If you have to leave the webinar for any reason, or if you get disconnected, you can simply click on the link to the Zoom meeting and rejoin the webinar.

5. What if I am using a mobile device (smart phone, tablet)?

Zoom webinars can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. Follow the instructions for your device on Zoom's Joining a Webinar page.

6. What if I need more technical support to get my Zoom?

Please check the Zoom Video Tutorials for assistance.

7. What if I want to watch the recording of a previous webinar?

Our goal is to have the recordings of each webinar available within 3-5 days after the webinar has completed. When it is ready, we will change the "Register Now" button to "Play." Click on the "Play" button and the recording will start.

Additional questions?

Please contact Rickee Hill at