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SJV PRIME+ Supplementary Application Questions 

You must submit your UC Merced application and select an eligible major and track by November 30, 2024, to receive access to the Supplemental Application and be considered for the BS to MD pathway. Updated requirements for the BS to MD program will be posted no later than August 1, 2024.

On the supplemental application, you will be asked to respond to each of the six prompts below. Responses will be limited to 350 words each.

Please limit your responses to 350 words each.

Personal Insight Questions:

  1. Becoming a doctor is a lifelong commitment.  Please describe activities that demonstrate your commitment to and passion for medicine.
  2. Please tell us about your interest in serving the SJV and about activities that demonstrate your commitment to serving the SJV community.
  3. Please describe an experience in your life that has shaped who you are or allowed you to be your best self.​​
  4. What hardships have you faced and how have you worked to overcome them?​
  5. Please describe a time when you were faced with a moral or ethical dilemma or a situation where you had to stand up for something you believe in and how you responded.​​ 
  6. In what ways have you advocated for diversity, equity, and inclusion in your school, home, or community?