Webinar Setup and Troubleshooting

Connecting your Computer to an Admissions Webinar

1. What equipment do I need?

All of our webinars will be hosted using Adobe Connect Pro.  Connect Pro only requires you to have a computer with an internet connection, a web browser, and Adobe Flash version 8 or later to attend one of our webinars.  Connect Pro works on nearly any operating system including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, as well as the most popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

In order to hear the audio for the webinar, you will need either speakers or headphones for your device.

2. Is my computer ready?

If you have already participated in one of our webinars using Adobe Connect Pro, your computer should already be setup.  If this is your first time participating (or if you want to make sure), please run the diagnostic tests at the Adobe Connect Pro website.

3. How do I connect to the webinar when I am ready to attend?

When you signed up for the webinar you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain the URL for the webinar. Please enter that URL into your browser.

We suggest trying the URL several minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin (all webinars will be available 30 minutes before the start time).

Select the radio button "Enter as a Guest" and enter your first and last name.

Click the "OK" button to confirm compliance with UC Davis' Cyber-Safety Program policies (we are using their Adobe Connect servers).

You will then enter the webinar room.  Please allow a minute or so for all of the information to download to your computer.

4. What if my internet connection to the meeting is broken?

If you have to leave the webinar for any reason, or if you get disconnected, you can simply enter the short URL into your browser and rejoin the webinar. 

5. Is there additional information for first time Adobe Connect Pro users?

First time users can download a Quick Start for Participants guide here or watch a tutorial video here.

6. What if I am using a mobile device (smart phone, tablet)?

While you will only get the full webinar experience using a desktop or laptop, Adobe has mobile apps available for most major devices here.  The process for entering the webinar is the same as for a desktop or laptop - start the app and enter the short URL for the webinar you want to join.  You can view more information about the Connect Mobile app here.

7. What if I need more technical support to get my Adobe Connect working?

Please check the Adobe Connect support forums here or contact their Technical Support here.

8. What if I want to watch the recording of a previous webinar?

Our goal is to have the recordings of each webinar available within 24 hours after the webinar has completed.  When it is ready, we will change the "Register Now" button to "Play."  Click on the "Play" button and the recording will start.

9. Other questions not answered in this list?

Please contact Breanna Wright at bwright3@ucmerced.edu.