Transfer Requirements


Eligibility - Transfer to UC Merced

The pathway for transferring to the University of California, Merced involves 3 steps.

Step 1 - Satisfying Admission Requirements: Students must complete the eligibility requirements for transferring to the University of California. UC Merced accepts junior level students AND lower division transfers.

Step 2 - Major Preparation: These are lower division courses which can be completed in your first two years of college work. Major preparation is one of the central factors UC Merced uses to determine your admissions to the University. This course work is required for graduation in your specific major and fulfills prerequisites for upper division courses at UC Merced.

Step 3 - General Education:  Although not a requirement, completing lower division general education requirements prior to transfer will aid your progress towards graduation. IGETC, the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum, is accepted by the School of Natural Sciences at UC Merced but, is only specifically suggested by the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. If you are majoring in engineering, the School of Engineering recommends that you do not complete IGETC. It is not required that you complete your lower division general education courses prior to transfer; however, this course work must be completed prior to graduation from UC Merced.

Step 4 - APPLY

Helpful Preparation Resources

In addition to the information provided in our web site, below are some useful tools to help you prepare to transfer.

  • Use the UC Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP) - UC TAP is an online tool to help prospective UC transfer students track and plan their courework. The planner helps students track their progress toward meeting UC's minimum requirements, and allows UC staff to communicate important information to prospective transfer students.
  • Use ASSIST.ORG - ASSIST is a computerized student-transfer information system. It is the official repository of articulation for California’s public colleges and universities and therefore provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available about student transfer in California. Visit ASSIST at
  • UC Transfer Pathways If you're starting out at a California community college and know which major you want to study but haven't decided which UC campuses to apply to, there is a simple way to keep your options open as you prepare for your major.

  • Contact your Transfer Center - Utilize the resources close to you. Transfer Centers and counselors at your campus can help you find the resources you need.
  • Contact a UC Merced Transfer Admissions Officer - We are here to help you. Sign up for our mailing list for updates or contact us directly for answers to your individual questions.
  • Transfer Credit Policy - View the Transfer Credit Policy on our website.