Count Me In FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions "Count Me In" Offer

  1. I received this email, but I did not originally apply to UC Merced. Would this still apply to me?

    Yes. We recognize your potential for success at the University of California, we would like to give you a chance to indicate interest in UC Merced, even though you did not initially apply here.

  2. When I click the “Count Me In” link, what would be my application number?

    The application number is your seven digit UC application number, which can be found by logging into the UC application or by reviewing a copy of your UC application submission/receipt. 

  3. If I decide I want to take you up on this offer and be considered for admission to UC Merced, what is my next step?

    Complete the online participant form. The link to the participation form will be sent to your email. This website will take you through several steps, including a page that lists conditions you must meet to be considered for admission.

  4. How do I choose if I want the fall or spring term?

    You will automatically be selected for the fall 2018 or spring 2019 term based on information in your application.  You will be notified of this after we receive your application and release your admission decision. You can then decide if you want to accept your admissions offer based on the term you are admitted for.

  5. Does participating in Count Me In guarantee my admission to UC Merced?

    If you meet the prescribed criteria listed on the website and successfully complete the online submission process, you will be provisionally admitted to the fall 2018 or spring 2019 term at UC Merced

  6. When do I need to respond?

    The deadline to visit the above website and indicate your interest is indicated in your Count Me In Invitation. We encourage you to respond as soon as possible, so that you have an opportunity to further explore our campus before making a decision to enroll.

  7. Can I select a major?

    Yes, selecting a major is one of the advanced steps in the online submission process. For first year applicants undeclared options are available if you are unsure.

  8. Once I apply, when should I expect to hear back?

    You should receive a response with enough time to make an informted decision.  Typically decisions are available 2-3 weeks after you've submitted your response.

  9. Am I still eligible to accept this invitation, if I’m currently waitlisted at another UC campus or campuses?

    Yes. In fact, we highly recommend students who have NOT been admitted to either a UC campus or another college or university accept this invitation since a waitlist offer is not a guarantee of admission later

  10. How much will it cost to be considered for admission through this offer?

    There is no admission application cost associated with the Count Me In online submission process.

  11. Are there any other costs?

    If you decide to enroll, all other regular costs are applicable, including but not limited to a deposit to submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), if applicable, a housing deposit and orientation fees.  Other regular fees can be seen at

  12. Why do I have to certify that I will meet certain conditions?

    You must certify that you will meet the conditions of this offer to complete the submission process and be considered for admission to UC Merced.  Admitted students whose official, final records (transcripts postmark or electronically transmitted by July 1 and exam scores due July 15) do not match the self-reported information in their applications are at risk of having their admission offer withdrawn, even after the nonrefundable $250 deposit and Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) have been submitted.

  13. Financial Aid: Do I need to make any updates to my Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

    If you already submitted the FAFSA, you should add UC Merced at as soon as possible. Our FAFSA Code is 041271. If you did not already submit the FAFSA, you can still submit it now. Aid may still be available even though the March 2 deadline has passed. If you have questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at (209) 228-7178 and select the option for the Office of Financial Aid, or visit their website at

    International Students: If you are studying in the United States on a visa, please visit this website:

  14. When and how should I apply for housing?

    For those admitted to the fall term, housing is guaranteed to those who submit their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) (May 1, 2018 for first year students and June 1, 2018 for transfer students) by the priority deadline and meet all the housing deadlines, including the housing contract and deposit deadline (May 7 for first year students and June 5 for transfers). The housing application is available online at

    Students who are unable to meet their priority housing application deadline should contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life to explore their living options for the fall.    

    For those chosen for the spring term, housing information will be provided to in the fall (Oct - Nov).

  15. What if the information I entered on the website was inaccurate?

    Please note: Admission is provisional with the condition that all information submitted can be officially verified and the conditions of admission are met. After you submit your CMI application, you will need to work with your academic advisor to change your major, this is typically done prior to course registration. The Office of Admissions is unable to process major change requests. 

  16. If I have questions, how can I get in touch with you?

    Call us at (209) 228-7178 and select Admissions. You can also email

  17. How do I learn more about UC Merced?

    Visit our website at or schedule a campus visit at