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Appeal Committee


The Admissions appeal committee is in charge of conducting a fair and complete review of any appeal for a late application, admission denial appeal, late Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), Admission Offer Rescind Appeal or Statement of Intent to Register Deposit deferral appeal. This includes determining the criteria for submitting an appeal and the qualifications to grant an appeal.

Committee Members:

The Admissions Appeal Committee consists of three Admission staff members. Additional consideration will be addressed by the Director of Admissions and when appropriate with consultation with the Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and/or a faculty member of the Faculty Committee on Admission and Financial Aid.

The Appeal Committee will address appeals to submit a late application, admissions denial, late Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) submissions, rescind of admissions appeal, SIR deposit appeal.

How to Appeal

To request an appeal, please follow the instructions below.

Decisions made by the Admissions Appeals Committee can be appealed by the Director of Admissions and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment. Please note; in all requests for appeals, it is important to provide any new and relevant information that has not already been presented in previous documentation.

  • Appeal for a late Fall 2024 admission application
    • If you are interested in submitting an appeal for a late Fall 2024 application, you can access the form here.
  • Appeal for closed major or application-level admission application
    • If you are interested in applying to a major that is closed for your applicant level, submit an appeal here. Please note that senior level applicants require an academic school review and UC Merced is not open to applicants seeking a second baccalaureate degree.
  • Admission Denial Appeal
  • Late Intention to Register (SIR) appeal
  • Appeal if your offer of admission was rescinded