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BS to MD Frequently Asked Questions

Do "doctoring skills" include EMT/allied health training (ex. Phlebotomy, IV placement)?

No, “doctoring skills” encompasses professional development and skills for patient/family interactions in the clinical setting.

Will SJV PRIME+ students be able to study abroad?

The SJV PRIME+ BS/MD Program curriculum does not currently factor in time to study abroad. Requests to study abroad will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What medical specialties can students pursue?

Students in the SJV PRIME+ BS/MD Program can pursue any medical specialty

What health professions resources are available at UC Merced?

UC Merced has a robust selection of health professions resources available to all enrolled students:

Where do I submit my supplemental application?

After selecting a qualifying major with “SJV PRIME+, BS/MD” on the UC application, students will receive an email with directions about how to submit their SJV PRIME+ supplemental application. Supplemental applications questions are posted on the SJV PRIME+ BS/MD Program website

What does the interview process involve?

Interviews will take place on Zoom and be approximately 30 minutes long. There will be 4 questions and time for you to ask questions. The theme of the interview questions will be: commitment to the Valley and motivation to pursue medicine. Please dress business casual for the interview. If you need assistance finding a quiet space with reliable internet access for your interview, we can provide one for you.

Will COVID-19 be taken into consideration when looking at applicant’s experiences and/or participation in activities during high school?

Yes, the admissions committee understands that extracurricular activities may have been limited due to the pandemic.

Are DACA and/or AB540 students eligible to apply for this program?


If students are waitlisted, what is the process?

Students will be accepted from the waitlist until the cohort has been filled. Once the cohort has been filled, the remaining students on the waitlist will be notified.

What can students do to strengthen their applications?

The SJV PRIME+ BS/MD Program will consider:

  • Academic course rigor pursued in high school (especially in math and science)
  • Demonstration of focus and dedication in an area of interest, extracurricular activity, and/or personal commitment
  • Opportunities/experiences undertaken that have shaped the applicant’s experiences and insight into underserved medical care in the SJV
  • Commitment to serving the population of the SJV through respectful interactions with different groups and organizations throughout the region