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The Merced Promise

UC Merced graduates receiving their diplomas.


The Merced Promise

The Merced Promise is a commitment to our local community college students to create a streamlined transfer process to earn their bachelor’s degrees here at the University of California, Merced. We’re making it easier to live and learn without having to leave home.

This new collaboration between UC Merced and Merced College not only supports local students, their families and underserved populations, but it is also an investment in laying the groundwork for future graduates to stay local and thrive in an economically growing region.

"Improving educational outcomes in the Merced area is not the job of a single institution — it requires a collaborative effort across all levels of education. The Merced Promise is our promise to the Merced community that if a student is qualified and committed to their education, we will work together to ensure they achieve their goals."

Juan Sánchez Muñoz, Ph.D.


How will this work?

Plans are already underway to support this effort at both institutions. Listed below are highlights of the action items from the partnering agreement with Merced College:

  • Work closely with faculty to streamline transfer pathways

  • Develop a “Program Mapper", an online tool for a student to map their pathway to accelerate progress toward their degrees

  • Provide Merced College students with opportunities to participate in undergraduate research and attend courses at UC Merced

  • Develop summer undergraduate research programs at UC Merced for Merced College students on track to transfer

  • Allow undergraduate students from UC Merced and Merced College to cross-enroll in one course per semester at the other institution

  • Develop summer undergraduate research programs at UC Merced for Merced College students on track to transfer

  • Collaborate with the Center for Educational Partnerships to communicate directly with middle and high-school students; and

  • Raise funds to provide Merced Promise Scholarships, with guaranteed admission to UC Merced for students who complete all requirements and invest in the staffing, resources, and oversight needed to ensure students are successful


Together, we will make a difference.


For more information, please contact:

Hector Cuevas
Associate Director of Diversity and Transfer Initiatives