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Transfer: Selection Process

Student Selection: How We Review Your Application

StudentsThe primary selection criteria for junior level transfer students is the completion of the UC Transfer Admissions Requirements and completion of required major preparation.

transfer admissions requirements and the completion of your major preparation. Criteria for selection will also include positive grades trends and academic depth and breadth of academic preparation, including quality of the senior year program.

Factors that may be considered include:

  • Outstanding performance in one or more academic subject areas
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Volunteer/community service
  • Participation in special projects or programs
  • Talents, experiences and interests that will contribute to the vitality and educational environment at UC Merced

We also consider special circumstances or personal challenges, especially as they relate to the social or educational environment and how your educational objectives and life experience have been affected.

Selection FactorsStudent playing instrument

  • Major Preparation
  • GPA
  • Courses completed/planned
  • Positive grade trends
  • Special talents, achievements and awards
  • Aptitude to excel in academics framed by life experiences
  • Participation in educational preparation programs

You can find more Information on the Admission Requirements page.

Tips to Apply

TIP #1: Provide a Complete Academic History

  • We highly recommend students create a UCTAP account and schedule an appointment with a transfer adviser prior to applying. You can reach a Transfer Adviser using the Contact Us page.

“Academic history” – For transfer students this means ALL post-secondary (college/university) course work.

TIP #2: Report All Course Work Attempted From Every Institution

– attended both within and outside the United States and any degrees/diplomas earned.

  • Include complete institution name, credits/hours and grades exactly as they appear on the official transcript.
  • Do not work from memory; misreporting your academic record or omitting course work is considered an academic integrity issue.

TIP #3: Gaps in Your Education Must be Explained in Detail

  • GAP” – a GAP is any period of time after the completion of secondary school, when a student was not enrolled in school.
  • Use the Gaps in Education section to explain what you were doing and include the beginning and end dates (month/year) for each explanation.

TIP #4: Do not Attempt to Convert Your Grades

We have experienced international admission evaluators who are knowledgeable about the different grading systems.

TIP #5: Selecting Your Grading System

If your school uses a grading method other than, A-B-C-D-F or 0-100, you will need to select OTHER from the dropdown menu so you will be able to enter the character, word, or symbol that represents your mark. Please see the below examples from the UC Application.

TIP #6: Application Help 

  • Having technical difficulties? Please contact the help desk: 800-207-1710 – toll free in the U.S. 661-336-5723 – outside the U.S. E-mail questions to:
  • Do you have non-technical questions about the application process? Please contact the application processing service: 800-207-1710 – toll free in the U.S. 661-336-5723 – outside the U.S. E-mail questions to: